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Dog free area

Dog Free has a fenced-in area, so you can let your dog off-leash and run free.

I hope you have a great and refreshing time!

Dog free(take your pet off the leash)rules

・At our campsite, the height of the fence is low so as not to spoil the view.
Depending on the size of your pet, it may be easy to jump over the fence, get under the fence, or between the fences.

<If you are concerned about your pet escaping, please take measures such as keeping it on a leash even on the site or providing a pet circle.>

・We ask that owners do not leave their off-leash pets on the site outside the fenced area. ​


​​・Please follow the ``Request to customers traveling with pets'' and other general etiquette.

In case of pet problems such as escape or injury,

Our campsite does not take any responsibility.

Please be careful not to cause any harm to other customers.

写真 2023-06-19 7 00 13.jpg

The ocean spreads out in front of you

While looking at the spectacular view

Camping is the best! Have a great time.

(Photographed from the E6 site)

写真 2023-06-18 19 33 43.jpg

You can see the sun setting into the sea

​October to February.

Sunsets can be seen all year round.

(Photographed from the E6 site)

写真 2023-06-19 8 28 50.jpg

Let's take off the leash and run around as much as possible to refresh your dog!

(Photographed from E9 site)


Convenient independent site with a clear view of the ocean

It's spacious so you can run around to your heart's content!
Good view and a sense of privacy ◎

​Fence height: 80cm

Outside sink: shared (almost exclusively)

​Toilet: B


For small to medium sized dogs


You can clearly see the sea, and you can also see the sunset in winter.
It's spacious so you can run around to your heart's content!

It's an independent site, so it feels private.

​Fence height: 90cm

External sink: Dedicated

​Toilet: B


For small to large dogs


I am very sorry. This site cannot be served. As it is difficult to explain the use of the wooden deck, we will only accept applicants who can communicate in Japanese.


A quiet independent site for adults overlooking the sea and other sites from a hill
Recommended for bringing pets as there is a fence.

​Fence height: 80cm

External sink: Dedicated

​Toilet: G


For small to medium sized dogs

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