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Spectacular views that we recommend with confidence

And the best space

Enjoy luxury camping

写真 2023-06-18 18 52 52.jpg

The ocean spreads out in front of you

Enjoy a moment of "camping is the best!" while admiring the spectacular scenery.

(Photographed from the P2 site)

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During the day, the blue sea is right in front of you,

And at dusk, the entire area is dyed in sunset colors. In winter, the sun sets right in front of you.

(Photographed from the P2 site)

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Since it is independent, you can spend your time relaxing without worrying about your neighbors.

Your own special seat with a spectacular view

(Photographed from the P1 site)


Under 12 years old


You can overlook the sea and other sites
There are times when there is shade, so it's easy to spend time there.
It is easy to see the sunset in winter

External sink: Dedicated

​Toilet: P



I am very sorry. This site cannot be served. As it is difficult to explain the use of the wooden deck, we will only accept applicants who can communicate in Japanese.

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